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Injectable Drug CRO Services

We help uncover the potential of injectable drug technologies with a focus on research participant well-being.

ethica CRO excels in medical aesthetics injectable drug research, focusing on wound healing, scar reduction, skin rejuvenation, and fat reduction. Our expertise in advanced clinical trials, safety evaluations, and efficacy assessments, combined with our commitment to innovative solutions and research participant safety, ensures well-being in this rapidly evolving field.

Biostimulatory Injectables

Stimulating natural collagen production for lasting skin rejuvenation and firmness.

MicroRNA Therapies

Utilizing exosomes and other strategies to regulate aging genes for enhanced skin repair.

Lipolysis Injections

Precisely targeted fat reduction for contouring and improved body aesthetics.

Discover how our clinical expertise can benefit your clinical trials for injectable drugs in medical aesthetics.

Navigating clinical trials for biostimulators, microRNA therapies, and lipolysis injections in aesthetics requires specialized expertise and understanding. Challenges include precise delivery, accurate effect measurement, and management of individual and variable responses.

Adopting a participant-centric approach in the design of injectable drug trials demands prioritizing safety and rigorously collecting subjective outcomes, emphasizing the moral responsibility to attentively empower individual autonomy and well-being. ethica CRO skillfully conducts such trials, emphasizing accuracy, participant well-being, and high ethical standards.

Our expertise for injectable drug clinical trials

At ethica CRO, we specialize in a wide array of injectable drugs for diverse aesthetic indications, from wound healing and skin rejuvenation to scar reduction. Our expertise as a biotech CRO extends to every critical aspect of research, including protocol development, precise study logistics, site management, monitoring, data management, biostatistics, and Clinical Study Report (CSR) development. We focus on making informed decisions regarding study design, considering trial objectives, the nature of the product, data collection needs, and the study population, to ensure the highest quality outcomes for your research program.

Early phase safety trials

Our team can accompany you with the management of your early phase safety trials, focusing on a thorough evaluation of injectable drugs for aesthetic purposes. We place utmost importance on the safety of research participants, diligently collecting essential data on the drugs’ tolerability and preliminary effectiveness. Our accredited procedures for monitoring and risk management, supported by our stringent biometrics systems, set the foundation for success in later phase studies.

Pivotal efficacy study for registration

In pivotal efficacy studies, ethica leverages its deep expertise to demonstrate the therapeutic benefits of injectable drugs for regulatory approval. Our strategic planning and execution feature robust study designs, ensuring precise data collection and analysis for definitive efficacy outcomes. Our processes aim to surpass regulatory norms with steadfast transparency and ethical integrity. Our experience has directly contributed to supporting our clients’ injectable drugs in advancing innovative treatments towards market authorization efficiently.

Exploratory/proof of concept

ethica excels in leading exploratory and proof-of-concept research, uncovering potential indications for injectable drugs in medical aesthetics. With a history of successful collaborations with startups and innovative biotechs, our forward-thinking strategies in study design and execution enable us to reveal valuable insights into clinical utility and potential applications. This experience is crucial for identifying promising directions, fostering breakthrough innovations, and laying the groundwork for future clinical development.

Maximize your injectable drug's potential through ethica's experienced research

ethica’s extensive experience in medical aesthetics and biotech research addresses uncertainties in new injectables. We gather key data on safety, efficacy, and concentrations, crucial for successful development and approval.

Case study: Exploring the safety and efficacy of an injectable peptide for scar improvement

Exploring the safety and efficacy of an innovative injectable drug for scar management in plastic surgery reveals numerous logistical and ethical complexities.

ethica CRO was tasked by a US biotech firm to study a fibromodulin peptide for scar improvement. Challenges arose due to complex trial execution, including abdominoplasty, aiming to assess both cosmetic and functional post-surgical scar enhancements.

Central to the trial’s design was the collection of comprehensive data regarding cosmetic outcomes and functional metrics such as tensile strength. Employing the Northwestern University Scar Model facilitated ethica’s detailed analysis of up to 20 cutaneous scars on each participant, significantly boosting the study’s methodological soundness and minimizing variability.

Ensuring informed consent was critical in this study, emphasizing transparency about the study’s demands, risks, and the fact that opting out would leave participants with scars. This process was vital for participant understanding and ethical integrity within the framework of the Northwestern Abdominoplasty Scar Model.

Abdominoplasty participants were mapped and treated in a controlled study design, allowing them to serve as their own controls and enhancing data reliability. Varied follow-up timepoints provided a detailed evaluation of the treatment’s efficacy at different stages of healing.

The outcomes of this ongoing research program hold the potential to significantly enrich understanding and practices in scar management and wound healing. ethica CRO’s strategic application of the Northwestern University Scar Model not only showcases its expertise in managing complex clinical trials but also its deep commitment to ethical research practices and advancing therapeutic interventions that deliver both aesthetic and functional benefits.