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CRO Services for Hair Restoration Clinical Trials

ethica CRO leverages multifaceted therapeutic product experience to navigate the complexities of hair restoration trials

ethica CRO excels in the evaluation and advancement of hair restoration treatments. Whether your product involves exosomes, keratin-based therapies, mesotherapy, emerging medication, or laser technologies, we offer our expertise to rigorously assess product safety and efficacy, ensuring our clients can confidently present their data for marketing or regulatory purposes.

Small Molecules

Tailored drug therapies for targeted hair growth stimulation.

Regenerative Medicine

Focused on exosome technology for hair follicle rejuvenation.

Light and Laser Therapy

Innovative treatments for enhancing hair density and strength.

Discover how our clinical expertise can benefit your clinical trials for hair restoration treatments.

Non-surgical hair restoration research faces unique challenges in accurately evaluating investigational product efficacy, including follicle count analysis and ensuring data integrity through validated trichoscopy imaging.

To navigate these complexities and achieve reliable results, partnering with a biotech CRO familiar with these specific challenges is essential. A knowledgeable medical aesthetic or dermatology CRO can offer the expertise required to meticulously design and conduct studies that address these intricacies, ultimately supporting the development and validation of effective hair restoration therapies.

Our expertise for hair loss treatment clinical trials

At ethica CRO, our expertise in hair restoration research spans study logistics, site management, monitoring, data management, biostatistics, and clinical reporting. We leverage trichoscopy technology for precise hair density and cycle analysis, ensuring high-quality, validated evaluations of hair growth. This focus on advanced imaging and comprehensive study management enables us to generate accurate, reliable data, supporting the development and validation of effective non-surgical hair restoration therapies

Early-Phase Safety Trials

ethica is proficient in early-phase safety clinical trials for hair restoration, overseeing the assessment of safety, pharmacokinetics (PK), and efficacy of investigational therapies. Our detailed evaluations aim to identify optimal dosages and potential side effects, ensuring research participant safety. This foundational work supports the advancement of treatments into further development phases with a comprehensive understanding of their therapeutic potential and safety profile.

Pivotal Efficacy Studies

Our team specializes in IDE and IND applications for hair restoration, managing dermatologist assessments, phototrichograms, and (if required) blood analyses. We design studies that adhere to regulatory standards and evaluate efficacy by monitoring terminal hair density and response rates. This strategy ensures our clients can secure market approval for their innovative solutions, supported by detailed data and evaluations, streamlining the path to commercial success.

Exploratory Research

Specializing in early cosmeceutical research, we rigorously utilize data to identify the therapeutic benefits of non-invasive hair restoration treatments. Our approach, integrating scientific methods with innovative strategies, aids in transforming cosmeceutical into therapeutic alternatives. Through methodical research, we establish industry benchmarks for efficacy and safety, enabling the progression of promising cosmeceutical concepts into viable, regulatory-approved therapeutic options, thereby setting new standards in the field.


ethica CRO's approach to hair restoration medical device trials

Drawing on vast study experience as a medical device CRO, ethica employs a risk-based monitoring strategy for superior safety and efficacy in hair restoration medical device trials, integrating detailed safety protocols and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to uphold clinical study quality.

Case Study: Navigating the Complexity of Assessing Combination Therapy Efficacy for Hair Loss

ethica CRO Inc. conducted a clinical trial to evaluate an advanced combination therapy for treating hair loss and enhancing scalp health, combining a peptide complex for home use with an in-clinic hydrodermabrasion device. This initiative, in partnership with a prominent U.S. medical aesthetics company, aimed to forge a new path in the non-invasive treatment of hair loss, a condition that affects millions globally and significantly impacts self-esteem.

The main challenge lay in the dual nature of the therapy, requiring precise coordination between at-home care and professional treatments. ethica CRO Inc. meticulously crafted a trial protocol that adhered to the highest international clinical standards. This involved detailed participant instruction for the peptide complex application and collaboration with dermatology clinics to administer the hydrodermabrasion treatments effectively.

Through rigorous study management and monitoring, we ensured strict adherence to the study protocol, facilitating accurate data collection and ethical conduct across all sites. Our data management and biostatistics teams employed advanced analytical methods to evaluate the treatment’s impact, focusing on its safety and efficacy. The final phase involved compiling our findings into a comprehensive Clinical Study Report, which demonstrated significant improvements in participants’ hair and scalp health.

This trial highlights ethica CRO Inc.’s expertise in navigating the complexities of clinical research, especially in trials involving innovative combination therapies. Our methodical, data-driven approach has provided essential contributions to the medical aesthetics industry, validating the efficacy and safety of novel treatments for hair loss.