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Medical Aesthetics CRO Services

Explore ethica CRO’s expertise in medical aesthetics clinical trials.

Toxins (Neuromodulators)

ethica CRO possesses a distinct expertise in toxins for rhytids and various aesthetic indications. ethica has successfully overseen trials on safety, efficacy, standalone or combination treatments (fillers & toxins), action duration, and patient satisfaction.

Dermal Fillers

ethica CRO is a leader in conducting dermal filler studies under FDA regulations. ethica was the CRO who managed the pivotal study that led to FDA’s first approval of a dermal filler for acne scars.

Injectable Drugs

ethica CRO’s expertise goes beyond just neurotoxins, dermal fillers and biostimulators. ethica’s innovative research methods has led to significant advancements, including pivotal knowledge in post-surgical wound healing.


ethica CRO has researched topical retinoids, tretinoin, peptides, growth factors, peels, and moisturizers as cosmeceuticals, prescription drugs, or natural health products. ethica ensures rigorous scientific results to support your product claims.

Hair Restoration

ethica CRO adeptly supported sponsors in hair restoration research, exploring various administration methods to diminish hair loss, encourage growth, and enhance hair hydration and luster.

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