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The Value of Women-Led Business at ethica CRO

In Canada, women are still underrepresented in business leadership roles, but the gap is closing fast—the number of women-owned companies in the country increased by 33% from 2005 to 2013 alone. This progress is vital not just in terms of gender equality, but also because women-led businesses outperform their male-led counterparts in terms of innovation, profitability and employee satisfaction.

It’s clear that women bring something unique and valuable to business leadership, and that influence is unmistakable at ethica CRO. Founded in 2002 by Janice Parente, our company focuses on the ethical dimension of human research. ethica CRO is committed to protecting the rights and welfare of research participants and treating them as valued partners rather than subjects.

There’s no question that ethica CRO is an innovator in the field of clinical research. We are the first CRO in the world to achieve human research accreditation, and the only CRO in the world to achieve accreditation from three different independent, industry-recognized organizations. Our Human Research Protection Program ensures the protection of research participants, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and the integrity of clinical study data.

In addition to having a female founder, ethica CRO’s core services are led by women. The result is an innovative, successful company that values diversity, inclusion, equity and respect in both its employment practices and clinical research. ethica CRO strives to develop strategies for breaking the bias in clinical trials and aims to bring therapies to market that will improve the standard of patient care.

For the dedicated, driven, compassionate women at the helm of ethica CRO, care, quality and justice matter. It is with those values in mind that clinical research can truly create a healthier, brighter future for all.

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