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What ethica can do for you

We are a CRO specialized in study design and management for small to mid-sized pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

Research with a Conscience

ethica has a rich history in research ethics, using an accredited participant-centric risk management platform. Trials designed and managed by ethica have supported the approval of drugs, medical devices, biologics and natural health products by the FDA and Health Canada, with no findings noted by the auditors and inspectors. That is the power of accreditation. As a full-service CRO, ethica provides services in protocol development, clinical trial management, site management and monitoring, data management and biostatistics. Partner with ethica to meet your research development needs on budget and on time.

ethica CRO is :

The first accredited CRO in the world

The company of excellence for smaller, more complex studies requiring innovative designs

An innovative CRO in data analysis and visualization

Experience the ethica difference for your next research program

Your North American Partner

ethica’s expertise in Canadian and US markets facilitates study conduct. Test local markets, expand into North America, or generate data for investigational products. We serve clients throughout the world and in North America, including important hubs such as Research Park Triangle, New York, New Jersey, Boston, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

ethica is headquartered in a vibrant city renowned as an innovative technology hub and home to Canada’s highest-ranking universities. Together with its diverse and highly skilled workforce in industries related to science, technology, and mathematics, Montreal provides ethica with unique advantages to help North American and international companies achieve their R&D goals.

Human Research Experts

ethica is sensitive and responsive to client needs and devoted to study success. ethica’s scientific leadership and study management teams can make recommendations based on the specific context of your research organization and provide solutions to accelerate your product’s time to market.

As an extension of the sponsor, ethica regards the privileged relationship with research participants as a partnership. With its certified human research protection program, ethica delivers on its promise of research with a conscience.

Three core qualities guide ethica’s study management services:


ethica developed a modulated management approach to meet the diverse and unique needs of its clientele. ethica will adapt to your business and management structure to manage your study or work as an extension of your organization to co-manage your trial.


ethica treats your study data as a valuable asset to be protected. Examine your evolving study data with customized viewing using the latest electronic data capture and data visualization technologies. Track your research milestones in real time using ethica’s clinical trial management system.


ethica’s study management and leadership teams are committed to providing personalized and prompt service to keep your study on track. The customer experience is all about understanding customer needs and surpassing expectations using the highest standards of ethical and scientific practice.

Got an Idea for a Study?

Wondering how to build the strategy to hit your targets? ethica can recommend solutions aligned with your corporate and business strategies to identify key therapeutic indications that propel your product to commercialization.

A Research Ethics Pioneer

The concept of integrating research participants as partners in research rather than subjects of research is a vocation for the ethica team. Since 2002 the company is rooted in this ethical component which permeates the company’s standard operating procedures and its approach to research and business activities. A key milestone in the organization’s history is its accreditation in 2006 from AAHRRP (Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs), becoming the first accredited CRO in the world and the first accredited Canadian research organization. ethica’s dedication to research ethics earned the company two additional accreditations from Alion HRPP Accreditation Services in 2013 and HRA Canada in 2018. A veritable testament to the company’s commitment to quality. Another first for ethica was the submission of a Clinical Trial Application to the NNHPD (Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate) at Health Canada, paving the way to conceptualizing and running trials with natural health products.

ethica is the premiere company for research participant-centric outsourced clinical research activities, attracting the interest of numerous international companies with studies worldwide including Brazil, Argentina, India, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the USA. ethica is capable of competing alongside any of the large CROs, without the burden of expensive overhead. This translates into cost-effective clinical research expertise services by an agile and innovative small company tuned in to the needs of its clientele.