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Canadian CRO

World-class research services to navigate Canada’s demographic, regulatory, and geographical diversity

Looking to introduce your therapeutic product to the North American Market? Canada ranks among the top five countries worldwide for clinical research. With an ethnically diverse population and over 60% of Canadians interested in participating in clinical research, Canada is ideal for your research project.

Why choose Canada:

One of the top five countries in the world for biomedical research

A world leader in complex therapeutic clinical research

Tops the list of G7 countries for delivering best overall value

Trust ethica CRO to introduce your therapeutic product in North America

ethica CRO - The growth option for Canadian life sciences companies

Canadian life sciences companies pursuing market expansion to the United States and beyond rely on ethica CRO’s experience in the Canadian and American clinical research regulatory environment. ethica’s full-service CRO approach is ideal for small to mid-size innovative companies. Harness the valuable resources of a clinical research department and scientific advisory leadership team without the burden of headcount.


Canadian clinical research companies partnering with ethica CRO can take advantage of Canadian government grants for scientific research and development.


ethica’s end-to-end CRO services support innovation and growth by identifying the right development strategy for Canada and the USA.

IIT Support

ethica’s unique experience conducting dermatology and neurology research in Canada and the United States is unrivaled.

The CRO of Choice for the Canadian Department of National Defence

The Canadian Department of National Defence selected ethica to lead two clinical projects. In 2014 ethica participated in a joint program to develop a nerve agent antidote and in 2016 managed a clinical trial on the use of a synthetic cannabinoid in PTSD symptom management.

New Market for European Company - A North American Case Study

A prominent European aesthetic dermatology company sought approval in the USA for a line of dermatological products. In a fierce bidding process with US-based and multinational CROs, ethica was awarded the contract to manage the studies. The client was impressed with ethica’s achievements, judging the study proposal as most comprehensive and cost-effective.

The client challenged ethica to complete the numerous studies in this research program within a short time frame. ethica’s agile team assembled a group of dedicated, full-capacity clinical managers including clinical research associates, data management staff, and biostatisticians. A senior project manager served as single point of contact for all studies. This specialized team of professionals delivered personalized service and timely communication.

Since 2014 five studies were completed and a sixth initiated. ethica’s employee turnover rate is so low that the same professionals continue to manage all studies for this client. Thanks to its team, therapeutic areas of clinical research expertise, and experience with Canadian and US regulations, ethica was allowed a high degree of autonomy in this North American research program for the commercialization of three dermatological devices. During this time, the FDA audited ethica’s Canadian office. The ethica team was proud to learn the inspection yielded no FDA Form 483. The client’s dermatological products received FDA premarket approvals in addition to FDA and Health Canada approval for several clinical indications. The client continues to partner with ethica to obtain additional commercialization approvals.